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History Timeline

  • PT Iproad Internasional Indonesia established
  • Cable Modem Docsis repairing project
  • LG and Samsung STB repairing project
  • KCTV Jeju Broadcasting FTTH development (First Round)
  • 16 area Province police agency automatic surveillance system (VPN installed and management)
  • Seoul Traffic signal controller wireless develop
  • Urban Railway Corporation Mobile System (SSLVPN Develop)
  • Jeju Fishing village Fiber Developing (SSLVPN & LTE Modem construct and manage)
  • KCTV Jeju Broadcasting FTTH development (First Round)
  • Illegal parking enforcement system TTA GS Certificated
  • Gwang Ju City : Illegal parking enforcement system app development
  • Deal Cisco app (Android, iPhone) development and server - network equipment (Buy / Sell)
  • Ulsan : CCTV encrypted business-building SSLVPN
  • KOICA: Kyrgyz Elections Automated System project to build SSLVPN
  • Seoul government: illegal parking enforcement system apps available
  • Police Department: CCTV encrypted business-building SSLVPN (15 points Provincial Police Agency)
  • KCTV Jeju Broadcasting: VOD, DOCSIS 3.0 services
  • CNM: Customs container logistics system app development
  • T-Broad: Dasan GE-PON and L2 / L3 technical support
  • HCN: Chungbuk broadcasting DOCSIS 3.0 service
  • CNM : DCM-301 (Docsis3.01Modem) , Switch and security equipment supply contract
  • Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education : L4 and backbone maintenance contract
  • CNM : Seoul CNM maintenance contract
  • CNM : DCM-301 (Docsis3.01Modem) 2011 Annual supply contracts Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education : L4 and backbone maintenance contract
  • CNM : Seoul Internet network maintenance contract, National Traffic Information Center ITS "DDoS"
  • SKT DCM-301D (Docsis3.01Modem) 2010 . Q4 Supply contract
  • D-link Cable Modem MOU Develop contract
  • Samsung semiconductor U.S.A Austin factory and network server expansion
  • KT Partners , Ocosmos Android Application & UI Framework develop
  • LG Telekom, SK Broadband Partners
  • HFC network Internet Head-End
  • CNM Equipment supplier, CJ CableNet Circuit Agreement
  • Overseas corporations IP ROAD, Inc (San Diego, CA, USA)
  • Company established, SeAH Steel IPS maintenance contract, Cable broadcasting technical support contract