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About Iproad

Iproad co.,Ltd founded in April 28, 2008, which started with simple but timeless truth which is "Everything comes from customers". Under its shorts history, the company has grown into one of a leading trading company of Broadcasting Equipment in Korea. Our Product ranges are CATV HFC passive product, FTTH passive and product.

Year 2017 established PT Iproad Internasional Indonesia, we will take a further step forward becoming a global enterprise via such management policies as global management acceleration, brand value enhancement and sustainable management capabilities development. We sincerely hope all of customer will continue to offer us your continuing support and loyalty, so that our company may continue to move forward toward becoming one of the most advanced companies.


Human resources Human resources is the best asset,
Compensation based on performance
Value Humanity management, Creativity, Respect,
Maximize value creation
Costumer Customer Needs satisfied, Cost contribution of the customer, Customer's profit contribution, Differentiated services
Humanity Respect for the individual, Ensure excellence staff

Industial Property

Division Description Date
Patent NMS Module for cable modem 2006
Patent Fiber cable management system 2009
Patent Smartphones, AMR App 2011